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About The Personal Universe Deck 

A Personal Universe Deck is….

Your Life.
Your Universe.
Distilled Down To 100 Words.

We will begin September 9th with a two-hour workshop. I will give you some history about the Personal Universe Deck and guide you in a creative exercise to help start you on the path to creating your very own 100-word list. This list will be the foundation for your future 100-card deck.

The purpose is to have a deck of cards handy to help fuel your creativity or writing whenever you get stuck. All of these words will be associated with you as a person, with your universe, so they, in theory, will have layers of meaning that you can unpack in your poetry, prose or morning pages. 

The magic of your 100-word list will be revealed over time. 

Turning this into a visual lexicon deck is part of the fun. There is NO deadline for this project. It will be up to you to listen to your creative voice + inner knowings about when and how much time to spend on this project. 

We will have two scheduled calls for check-ins to help keep us on track and answer any burning questions, talk about technique + share where we're at in the process.

October 7th at 10 am PST
November 11th at 10 am PST

As the fall moves on, you'll have access to the replay of our September 9th workshop, weekly sharing prompts within the course, and connection with the other members. 

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Learn to: 

  • Follow your intuition

  • Tell a story about who you are 

  • Make your own magic with words + images YOU are drawn to!

  • Honor your past, present + future YOU

  • Create a portable deck

  • Use mixed media as an expressive art medium

  • Be your own teacher or guide on this journey

What’s included? 

  • Private online community + course access. The course materials, discussions, live call event info, and more will be in one place! 

  • One 2-hour workshop and two 75-,minute live follow-up video calls (with replay).

  • I'll be active in the online community to address your questions and comments!

We begin on September 9th! Registration is open now.

*Register on a computer or in a browser on your phone!

About Tammi

Tammi is a sober, dignified, creative woman, as well as a gray area drinking + creativity coach. She previously co-hosted The Unruffled Podcast, a show that discusses the intersection between creativity and recovery. She is also a sobriety support meeting leader with The Luckiest Club and founder of The Ray of Light Community, as well s a certified Art 4 Healing facilitator.

It is her desire + hope to teach women how to show up for themselves in all aspects of life through creativity.

She makes art every single day and documents her forays, sobriety milestones and creative offerings on her website and over on Instagram. She lives in a small town in Northern California and daydreams about moving to Paris. 

Website: tammisalas.com

Instagram: @tammisalas  

Podcast: The Unruffled Podcast

Past students are saying about Tammi's courses...

“Your course is a beautiful gift, a discipline, a jewel.” - Jill Moffett

“Tammi is a peerless workshop instructor and creative companion - as intimate, open and accepting as she is organized and prolific.” - J Ryan Stradal, New York Times best selling author of Kitchens of the Great Midwest

“As my rituals and routines get more established, they are spreading to my family. I don’t only do them when I’m totally alone anymore. And now, when I get out my markers, they get out theirs, too.” - Alexa Norstad 

“Tammi is a generous and nurturing teacher. I felt supported by her and others in the class each step of the process. The class spurred me to try new things and opened me up creatively. It was inspiring and challenging, but Tammi’s coaching kept it from being overwhelming. Worth every penny! ” - Leslie Riker

Groove: An 11-part Course for the Creative Beginner.

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